BoomBox is a 5-piece collective of nostalgic 80s & 90s energy.

Ranging from Chaka Khan to Van Halen, Madonna to Oasis, Backstreet Boys to Van Halen, the hits just keep on coming.

Five professional musicians have come together to share their passion for the music which has been a soundtrack to the youth of so many. Featuring all feel-good hits each song propels you deeper into a state of true history. They’ll make you wonder where all your cassette tapes went and fuel lengthy conversations reliving your 80s & 90s experiences. (That’s if you can stop dancing long enough to talk.)

The band is made up of five musicians with vast experience of a wide range of genres spanning pop, soul, rock, jazz, country, bluegrass, and many other styles besides. They’ve worked with many major artists and producers in the UK and abroad and are dedicated to delivering the best possible performance.